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I love movies, mystery novels, and good coffee.
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Practical Penumbra
Saturday, June 21, 2003  
This isn't really simulcasting, since this is a separate entry. I'm still trying to figure out how some of the blogs in the New Blog Showcase are racking up double votes, and I think I may have cracked it. Gonna try and vote for John here anyway and see if it shows up.

10:53 AM

Tuesday, June 17, 2003  
Simulcasting has officially ceased. This means if you want to read my ramblings you must point your browsers and bookmarks to Here is a click thru in case typing is too much work for you.

There are still a few things to be packed up and moved, although my "archives" are in temporary storage at the new place, crammed into June 1st sans links, italics, bolds, etc.

Also I still haven't figured out where to put my email addy in the template over there.

Perhaps when the blogspot "upgrade" is completed, I'll come back over here to play sometime. I have always wanted a place with an annex......

2:05 PM

Monday, June 16, 2003  
Yay! Pete found the new address! Yay! This means it is almost time to update your address books and palm pilots, Loyal Readers, because simulcasting will cease shortly.

Hurray! my Assistant returns from vacation and I can return to a semblance of a normal life! Hurray!

So, first and foremost...Frank has a new In My World that has absolutely nothing to do with crass comercialism and the attempt to sell his tee shirts. Honest.

Meanwhile, my most kind and generous patron is still keeping "Secret Project X" under wraps! Like Tiger says, the suspense is killing us!

John is a smoker! You get cooler every day, John. And thanks for the link to Bill's state motto contest.

Time to go to work......ugh

9:51 AM

Sunday, June 15, 2003  
Yes, Glenn, I am simulcasting...mostly for Pete, since he seems either too busy to check out the new PP, or else is so totally repulsed by the whole teal/salmon thing that he's still reading (and commenting) at my blogspot blog....

(I love you, Pete! You will always be my First Loyal Reader and Commentor!)

Anyway, now that the evil papers have been slain, and my Assistant Manager is due back from vacation tomorrow, I should have a little more free time to finish up the move to MT.
I'm still packing things up at blogger, and rearranging the furniture at MT, so pardon the mess....

Anyone who likes the fact that I am now using Moveable Type, please go to Ambient Irony and thank the unbelievably generous and thoughtful and kind Pixy Misa for not only setting me up with MT, but also stoicly enduring being pestered with my neverending stream of "How do I...(insert stupid question here)?"

Pixy, you are the BEST and I will taunt anyone who says otherwise...

And as long as I am acknowledging my Loyal Readers, I would like to thank Captain Michael Singleton, not only because he was the first Loyal Reader to ever email me, but also because were it not for men like him defending our country from all threats foreign and domestic, the world would be a scarier place today. Captain Singleton, thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf.

10:09 AM

Okay, only one more 12 hour day, then one regular day, and then I get the day off!!!!

My paper is done and submitted. Whew. Til the next assignment due June 29th.

Dear Lord, will this never end???????

Frank is very funny as usual. Go there or I will tell him you didn't.

12:54 AM

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