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Practical Penumbra
Saturday, June 14, 2003  
Here it is Saturday morning, I've got a big paper due by midnight tomorrow, and what am I doing? checking out the entrants in the new blog showcase.

Since I'm not entered this week, I don't have to vote for three, and doesn't multiple voting dilute the power of your vote anyway? I mean, whenever I go to the polls, and it says to choose three candidates for City-Council-at-Large, I usually only vote for ONE because what if my second choice edged out my first choice by one vote?

So, I already voted for Romulus, and I'm not taking it back. But I have a second choice, and I'm really torn as to whether to link to it....

Ok, I will just link to the blog, Tales from a Yeti Suit. You can go find his entry and link to it if you want to dilute your vote.....

8:46 AM

Let me preface this by saying, I am not at all superstitious.

Ok, not very superstitious. And Friday the 13th has never bothered me. In fact, today is the first ever Friday the 13th that I ever remember anything unlucky happening to me.

Guess what? No paychecks today. Lost in the mail or something. Then I find out from Victor that the tax cut kicks in today.

Personally, I blame the full moon. Nuke it.

12:05 AM

Friday, June 13, 2003  

In a neverending effort to avoid working on my paper, I strayed from Jaboobie's through a link to Drumwaster's and read this:

And finally, I have just about had it with all the claims from the rabidly ranting rats on the Loony Left whinging (sic) about the lack of WMD in Iraq. After all, Saddam hasn't been found either, and so, by their logic, he must not have existed either, eh?

12:57 AM

Thursday, June 12, 2003  
Ok, even though I am not done playing with colors and set up and etc., I am going to let my Loyal Readers take a peek at the site that Pixy Misa graciously arranged for me. Please comment at the new site on any issues you may have with my decorating sense (keeping in mind that my budget is limited and those throw-pillows were purchased at Good Will.....)

The new, improved, Practical Penumbra.

3:20 PM

One of the reasons that the male/female equality issue is still ongoing is that the women came late to the party. (Ok, we pretty much crashed it, helped out by a few men who weren't total Neanderthals, but that's not the point.) See, God let Adam name everything, and we women have been stuck with guy-names for everything ever since.

Take tools. Is there a tool sensibly named "that pinching thingee"? Nope. It's called a pliers. How about that lifting-up thingee for the car when the tire is flat? A jack. What about one of those little baby nail thingees that hold pictures in their frames? A brad. Except for the fact I've never met anyone named "Pliers" you'd think guys were namimg all this stuff after themselves!

There is a tool we have at work that one of the girls calls an alum wrench, that I think was named by some man named Allen, which, had I been the one to name it, would have been called "that bent thingee we use to lock the doors." See how much more descriptive a name that is?

3:14 PM

I am in love with a younger man (again)!!!!!! John, at Collinization is both brilliant and funny. Look out, Frank J!

7:42 AM

Having enjoyed Romulus's Web showcase entry, I strolled through a few others and really enjoyed several of them. This one made me LOL. Therefore Judicious Asininity will be on my links shortly.

7:28 AM

One of the little things that can make life seem too unfair sometimes is having to make coffee before you've had coffee.

Another is waking up early on your day off, just because your body is used to getting up early.

A third is a chilly drizzle too early on your day off before the coffee is brewed.

I could go on, but I think the coffee is done.....

7:07 AM

Wednesday, June 11, 2003  
Here is my vote for this week's new blog contest: Judicious Assininity because it's right on the money....NY is talking about a Fat tax now.

10:45 AM

LOL!!!! New Rumsfeld press conference at IMAO!!

NOT the funniest line (so as not to spoil it for you): "Rarr!" Rumsfeld yelled, picking up the reporter and throwing him out the window. "Next question."

10:26 AM

Thanks to Pixy, I am playing with Moveable Type instead of blogging. It's fun! But I still am trying to get it to look right, and thus cannot actually blog because I'm playing. So, Loyal Readers, please excuse the mess....

Anyway, I did the payroll last night and I had 76.25 hours this work week. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.... The good news is: tomorrow I get the day off!!!!! Hurray!!!! The bad news is: I have to use it to write the 15 page paper I have due by Sunday midnight, since my Assistant won't be back until Monday, and thus Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also going to be 12 hour days.

Today will be exciting--I have both the clueless new employee and the klutzy new employee (the one who killed the register) working tonight. I'm yawning and still in my jammies and the two cups of coffee I've had seem to be having little effect on my alertness.

Time to tiptoe through the tulips.... I mean, cruise the blogosphere...

10:06 AM

Tuesday, June 10, 2003  
The winner this week at Truth Laid Bear is Mac-a-ro-nies. I went to check it out to see what won, and stumbled into a rant about how the VRWC is trying to unfairly influence the voting in the New Blog Showcase.... Hmmm...what is that June 6th entry, recommending left-leaning entries, Mac? Bloggers are only allowed to recommend blogs by standards that you approve?
I agree that his entry was NOT Tiger's best....even he only rated it a 3.5 himself. But just because someone else linked to it rather than to a blog you deemed more worthy, it's all suddenly about ideology now? Pleeeeaaaase........
You won already, enough!

10:43 AM

This is a site that a found a little while back (via Tiger? Victor? maybe Jaboobie?) and I bookmarked it. Pixy's post today reminded me today that I forgot to link to it!

I like it, and not just because I like the way it looks......

10:16 AM

Frank answered another one of my questions! Cool!

The inventory turned out pretty well: there was only a $8.75 difference between what we took in and what we were supposed to have. Considering the week I've had, I'll take it.

I turned in one of my papers. It's not up to my usual standards, but, then again, very little about this week has been....sometimes you just gotta do the best you can do under the circumstances. Kinda like using blogger! ;)

Are the comments down again? I noticed that none of my loyal readers left any.....My horrible week hasn't been contagious, has it?

Now for the good news...the exceedingly thoughtful Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony has arranged for me to play around with Moveable Type. It's currently happening in a secret undisclosed location, known only to the two of us...... I'll keep you posted on my progress in attempting to learn its arcane secrets (if there is any progress, that is!)

8:10 AM

Monday, June 09, 2003  
I should be doing my homework, but.....last night's day from hell wasn't quite as hellish, thank goodness. We were actually busier than Saturday, but despite being down a register, not carrying nachos, and the (unsuccessful) attempt by two of my veteran employees to kill the newest one (and he's not even the one who spilled the pop!) who seems pretty clueless (and taught me not to hire boys just because they are cute), the day went fairly well. I finished typing my first paper last night after I got home, but have been afraid to proof-read it so far.

Today is inventory day, just like every Monday morning, so an early arrival at the theater is mandated to get all the bags and cups and candy counted before we open. If you ever wonder why, when you go to the movies and ask them for a cup or bag or something, they give you this ridiculous little styro foam thing instead of the cool ones they sell stuff in, it's because they count the bags and the cups to keep track of sales. You can't actually count the popcorn and soda itself. We keep track of how many gallons of pop syrup we use and how many 50 lb bags of corn we go through in a week, but that doesn't tell you what was actually sold. So every week we have to count what's on hand, subtract what we had last week, add any new stock we received, calculate the difference and multipy by the price. Then we compare it to the week's concession revenues and try and figure out which clerk is giving free popcorn to friends or sneaking a bag of skittles when no one is looking. It's way fun. Luckily I have all day to do the math once the stock is counted, because I usually have to use my fingers and toes for the more complex calculations.

The GM has promised me a computer. I think he's just toying with me.

9:37 AM

So, since I am up so incredibly early AND blogger is working, I wandered around trying to stumble across the stuff I found yesterday that I wanted to post and comment on and muse about...I found some cool things, but nothing strikes a bell.

So here is the new cool stuff: Jaboobie makes an excellent analogy regarding intelligence-gathering.

Jay Solo's comments are gone....I think maybe he packed them already for his move...

And Frank has a new In My World!
Go read it now!

8:58 AM

Okay, I'm missing some archives. So I went to blogger help and it's down. So I tried to remember what I did last time this happened and tried it, but either I didn't remember correctly or it's not working.

They need to finish this upgrade soon or they won't have anyone left to worry about.

Meanwhile, reminder to self: you get what you pay get what you pay for....

8:09 AM

It's that brain/body thing again. See June 2.

7:58 AM

FRANK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

7:55 AM

Well, now I know why I was up so late blogging last night--because I must have intuitively been aware that blogger was going to be down again this morning before I went to work. So I had to wander the ecosystem, flitting from blog to blog, leaving comments where I could, in a pitiful attempt to satisfy my compulsion to blog. I even tried starting a new blog at a place called blogeasy, but it sucked. (Sorry for those offended by my language, but it did. blogger may not be very reliable, but it is way easy and cool-looking compared to that place. Remember, I am the woman who can't figure out Word without a written manual).)

So here it is, 1am again, and as tired as I am, I am afraid if I wait til tomorrow's coffee-time to blog that I will be once again locked out of my own little corner of cyberspace.

So...some of the links I have been wanting to post but unable to:

Hi I'm Black
Ravenwood's Universe

So thanks to whoever's blog it was where I found the link to any of the above. If blogger had been working when I found them I would have given you the credit, but ......

Oh! Pixy has a new home: Ambient Irony! (same name, new address, cool look, and even the kitties!) You can still get there from my link on the side thingee, just click on the picture of Mystery Science Theater 2000 (?) when you get to blogspot.

1:25 AM

Sunday, June 08, 2003  
I don't know why I am blogging when I should be sleeping---has anyone told the Surgeon General about this blogging phenomenon?
It could be a health hazard or something.....

Anyway, second day of hell down, 8 to go. As they seem to be getting more hellish, I am not sure I'm going to survive. Tonight, for example, a trainee spilled pop on one of our (two) cash registers and killed it. Dead. Well, first it rang up a lot of merchandise when no one had pushed any buttons, and then it began this banshee-like "error" tone that rivaled the tornado alert sirens, and nothing would make it stop--I even turned it "off" and it kept wailing. So finally we unplugged it. And turned it on its side to let the pop drain out of it. And later when we plugged it back it in, it didn't screech---because all the programming was gone. So one cash register was brain dead on a Saturday night just before the highly popular 7pm shows---things just couldn't be any worse could they?

Yeah, right. Ever tried to manage a movie theater on a Saturday night with only one concession register open and one of your employees stuck on the roof?

Didn't think so.

See, there was this little girl who threw her shoe up on the roof of the theater. Or somebody else threw the shoe--I never did get that part straight. All I know is I had just come down stairs from threading the 7 and 7:15 movies with what I hoped was a workable plan to have the more experienced concession person and the back up person alternate ringing up customers on the one working register while the trainee got the popcorn and sodas (and was to keep them FAR from the working register), when the cashier breezed past me saying that she and Matt (the more experienced concession person) were going to get a little girl's shoe off the roof and would be right back. Since the projection booth has a trap door to the roof, that seemed to make sense to me at the time, so I went to cover the ticket booth for a minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. I was selling tickets like crazy. The concession line was backed out the door and starting to be indistinguishable from the ticket line. Where was my cashier?

Then I heard her voice. She was talking to the trainee, trying to explain to him where we keep the ladder. I called her over.

Apparently our roof has two levels, and the little girl's shoe was on the lower one. Matt jumped down to it, tossed the little girl her shoe, and then couldn't get back up the seven foot wall to the level where the trap door is. So the cashier wanted the trainee to take our ladder upstairs, up a ladder to the trap door, through to the roof, and lower the ladder to the lower roof so Matt could climb up....while we had customers lined up to the street. Nope. No way, Jose.

I sent the cashier back to the concession stand to help the back-up person and the trainee wait on the customers as quickly as possible while I kept selling tickets. I couldn't even spare anyone to tell Matt what was going on. The poor guy spent 45 minutes stuck on the roof of the theater! When the crowd finally started thinning, the cashier and the trainee went to get the ladder, and a customer came up to the concessions and said "Did you know there's a guy on your roof?"

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me....

1:08 AM

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