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Saturday, June 07, 2003  
Ok, blogger is back up, just in time (since I have to go to work in a few minutes). I had to use the comments to post a little earlier, LOL. So check out the comments to yesterday's post.

One day of hell down, 9 to go. The first of my two papers is written and about half typed. I use Word, and since I have spent my entire life learning from books, I have trouble working things that don't come with an instruction manual. I KNOW there are ways to get it to do what I want, but I have to use trial and error and then I end up un-doing something I didn't want un-done. That little paper clip guy is NOT helpful. I HATE icons. I want English words, in sentences, with the occasional illustration or picture. I want to be able to flip back and forth through pages, finding what I need. Aaaaauuuuugghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I do love the spell check though.

This diatribe has been brought to you by a sleep-deprived grad student working 12 hour days. Now go look at this. (thanks to the Emperor for the link).

10:47 AM

Friday, June 06, 2003  
Oh--one last post before I head over to my class before I get ready to go to work---
Kevin at Wizbang pointed me to Dean's offer to move blogspotters to a "real" blog site.

Loyal Reader(s), should I do this? Please comment or email me.

9:30 AM

Just a little "heads up" to my loyal reader--please forgive me if my blogging becomes (more) erratic over the next ten days while my Assistant Manager is gone; between the twelve hours days, the two papers due during this time, and (as I have just realized but should have figured) the fact that next week is my turn to lead the discussions in one of my classes, I may opt to sleep rather than blog in my copious spare time.

9:02 AM

Thursday, June 05, 2003  
Holy Moly!!!!! Frank linked to me!!!! Give me a few minutes for the palpitations to subside......


Yes, I am up surprisingly early again . This is because the Health Inspector mandated repairs to our concession stand counter tops and the cabinetmaker needed access to the theater at 7am!!!!! I am not a person who functions well on five hours sleep....I'm just not. But there was really no point in going back to bed when I got home, since I have to be back there at 11:30 anyway. Plus, tomorrow starts my 10 day stretch of noon-to-midnight at work because my Assistant Manager is going on vacation. Actually, the GM is supposed to come over from Ohio next Thursday to give me one day off, but by then I expect I will be a babbling idiot who must be carted off in a strait jacket for "treatment".

Because I was in a masochistic mood, I figured out that for the next pay period (which runs Wednesday through Tuesday--while the business week runs Friday through Thursday and the rest of the world operates on Monday through Sunday) I will have put in 78 hours. Being salaried, I still get paid for 40.

I hope my Assistant has a lousy vacation.

As long as I am whining about how terrible my life is, let me add that, of course, BOTH of my classes have papers due during the time that my Assissant will be gone.

9:20 AM

Wednesday, June 04, 2003  
Today happens to be the birthday of our beloved Frank J. The King of Blog Humor is 24 years old today! It is truly a day to give thanks for the creator of the Fox News Reporter, Buck the Marine and the Unnamed Mexican. Consider how much the poorer the Blogosphere would be without Frank's wit, satire, and generally bizarre sense of humor:
Without Frank's unceasing vigilance, ninjas and monkeys would have taken over the world as we know it.
Without Frank, the Moon would continue its parasitic existance without fear of being sacrificed for World Peace.
Without Frank, the threat to humankind from the evil Optimus Prime would still lurk unrecognized.....
For all these reasons and more, please send a Thank You card to Frank's parents, and buy his mother a gift.

9:34 AM

Number one priority---go read the exciting conclusion to Black Insano Project!

9:07 AM

Tuesday, June 03, 2003  
OMG!! LOL!!! go here ASAP. (Thanks to Kirk over at the Emperor's).

1:33 PM

Anyway, as I was writing and then lost because I happened to read Pete's comment and neglected to post what I had already written before I changed my settings to appease my loyal reader [see how much trouble readers are! sheesh! :)], I did not win the New Blog Showcase at Truth Laid Bear. However, the winner, The Smallest Minority is very worthy. Congrats, Kevin!

12:21 PM

Just for you, Pete.

12:12 PM

I am learning my way around this blogging thing....scroll down and you'll find a new "about me" section on the lower left. And adding links has become less onerous too. So maybe there is hope that I will learn to spell. You see, I read too fast. When I read, I recognize a word in its entirety, rather than by its component parts; so when I write, I type it phoneticly, and when I edit, I recognize that the word is misspelled but cannot figure out the correct spelling without resorting to a) spell check if I am using Word or b) my handy paperback copy of the American Heritage Dictionary that I have had since 1975 or so. So although I am a fast reader, and moderately speedy writer, the editing process is very slow.
I suppose I could type everything in Word, spell check it and then copy-and-paste it, but where is the blogging in that?

10:59 AM

Loyal Citizen Victor provided this link to an article that is a must read. Thanks, Victor!

10:19 AM

So I wandered around the blogosphere in search of inspiration this morning, and following a long series of links starting at Tiger's, which took me through Jay Solo's to Dean's World and thence to Bloginality I discovered I am a ISTJ blog personality. Interestingly, like Dean, I normally fall into the INTJ type on the Myers-Briggs test. Unlike Dean, I re-took the Myers-Briggs just before the Bloginality instead of just after. Still, it's awfully close!

9:59 AM

Monday, June 02, 2003  
"So, Susie, what are you doing up so early in the morning?" I imagine my loyal readers asking......
The choices are:
a) I couldn't sleep anticipating Part II of Black Insano Project
b) I woke up early anticipating Part II of Black Insano Project
c) What makes you think I'm awake? Haven't you ever heard of sleeptyping?
d) What was the question?

Actually, it was one of those cases where you roll over and kind of wake up a little and then your brain starts that darn "oh my gosh I have so much to do" while your body is screeching "shut up! I'm exhausted!" and then the bickering finally gets to you and you say "the hell with this, I can't sleep with all this noise" and get up. So the correct answer is "d".

7:49 AM

I started to quote my favorite laugh out loud lines, but seemed to be copying and pasting about half the just my #1 favorite laugh out loud line:
"And they sure get the stains out," Laura commented.

7:24 AM

"Black Insano Project Part II" is up at IMAO! Go there at once!!!!!! (but then come back in case I have posted more..)

7:13 AM

Sunday, June 01, 2003  
Goodness, it's June already. Time sure flies when you're working full time and every spare minute goes to the two grad school classes you were insane to sign up for.

Another Sunday, another 12 hour day. Oh joy.

The first of the three new employees started last night and I think he is going to do very well. He even survived working the 7pm Saturday rush. I just hope he is as reliable as he seems....

So, not much seems to be going on in the blogosphere, except over at The Emperor's where he has proposed a bounty on terrorists that he suggests be called "Pop a Pali for Pizza." I like it. And the site where you order also sends ice cream and burgers if you so desire. (There is even a link to, which sends pizza to US troops in the Gulf.)

I also found another new blog I enjoyed, Loyal Citizen Victor. Check it out (if you can get it to's blogspot...).

Somehow I wandered off through various links and wound up at Calpundit where there was a diatribe against the greedy rich who whine about their high taxes. More proof I am one of the greedy rich! It is such a relief to know that! I was thinking that the fact that I can't afford a new muffler for my 1988 Mercury Tracer might indicate that I am in the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum; thankfully, I was wrong. Whew!
I also learned that conservative Republican=compassionless, non-empathetic sociopath. Wow! I am a sociopath and didn't even know it!!!!! This is what I get for skipping the field trip to the Democrat's Federal Re-Education Camp---I have to learn all this stuff about myself from the internet! Thank goodness Algore invented it.......

10:32 AM

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