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Saturday, May 31, 2003  
Mmm kay, I read the comments to yesterday's post and then checked my archives. They actually WORKED for once! LOL! So whatever it was that I did got fixed, I think (hope).

Anyway, Tiger has added me to his blogroll, which is SO COOL! So, along with Pixy Misa and jaboobie I now have THREE blogs that link to me! I am now a "Crunchy Crustacean" in the Blogosphere, which is most excellent, since I am a huge fan of most seafood, crab and lobster in particular. Thanks guys!

The good news....Kevin collected just over $2600 for the fire victims! Hurray!!!!
The bad new posts from Frank today. (pout). Who told Frank he could take the weekend off, that's what I want to know. Does he think he's Bill Whittle?

12:15 PM

Friday, May 30, 2003  
Well, today begins "the grind": the summer months when the theater runs noon to midnight every day (instead of just on the weekend). Oh, joy.....all those extra works hours, with no extra pay! How I love being salaried!
Sorry, the sarcasm switch seems stuck in the "on" position. I think it's lack of sleep.

I wish Blogger had spell check. I just noticed some typos/spelling errors in yesterday's post. I spelled "routine" wrong twice. Where the heck did that extra "n" come from? Sheesh. Perhaps I can fix it. Hold on.

Well, I changed it here, but since my webpage won't load for me to check.....sigh.

Anyway, Frank offers some advice to the Prez for his upcoming meeting with Chirac. LOL advice. Hurry over if you haven't been there already. I have to start scurrying around to get ready to go into work. Maybe more from me tonight. Maybe not.

9:43 AM

Thursday, May 29, 2003  
Good Morning, Sports Fans! It was another day from hell at the movies yesterday. I used to like Wednesdays. A nice, slow, plenty of routine tasks to keep me from getting bored kind of day. Not yesterday.

First we had the second grade field trip. Actually, that went pretty well since I took care of the Popcorn Crisis on Tuesday. (Don't ask.) But because Monday was a "holiday" I had all my routine business calls to take care of (like getting hold of the plumber to fix the leaking U-bend in the ladies' restroom sink) and it was very glitch-ridden. Every call I made seemed to necessitate two other calls. Yep, one of those days. The Pepsi delivery arrived short of two items I had ordered, requiring more calls. The supply delivery brought six bags of popcorn (yay!). Finally 4 o'clock rolled around, and I noticed the message light on the fax was blinking.

(Insert ominous music here).

It seems my concession person was sick and would not be coming in.

Have I mentioned that almost all of my employees are High School students? And yesterday was full of Softball Banquets and assorted other end of the year activities for which most of them had asked off for weeks in advance, leaving only two people available to work, both of whom I had scheduled and one of whom was now not coming in. I tried to get someone anyway. (Insert mirthless laugh). So the cashier and I spent the night doing double work. When she was selling tickets, I ran concessions. When I was threading or starting movies she ran back and forth between the ticket booth and the concessions stand. It was NOT pretty. And Susie was NOT a happy camper. Somewhere in the middle of her 15 hour day she devised revenge.......

BRB----need more coffee!

Nothing like a cliff-hanger to keep reader interest, huh? First off, the concession peron is going to be made aware that having someone else call you in sick less than an hour before you are due at work in not proper business etiquette, and if it happens again, something dire is going to happen to the concessions person. Next, because there was no one else available to take that shift, I am going to hire THREE new employees. Of course, that means fewer hours available for the current employees..... (buwhaa haa haa......). And lastly, I am going to enforce the policy requiring all employees to find their own substitutes for shifts that they cannot cover, so that even if they get someone to call in for them, only a doctor's note will excuse them from not covering their scheduled shift.

Moral of this story.....don't tick off the manager!!!!!

11:46 AM

Wednesday, May 28, 2003  
Kevin says he has collected about $1500 so far. Pretty good, but only around $36 per serviceman affected, according to my calculations. So any of my readers who haven't donated, please take a minute to head on over to and drop some money in the kitty. Thanks!!!!

5:40 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2003  
Ok, Frank has another must read this morning. If any country needs destabilizing, it's Iran.
Peter sent me a link to Tiny Little Lies, which has bit today on what Saddam and Sons are up to. Very funny stuff. Thanks Peter.
I have massive amounts of homework to do since we were incredibly busy at the theater all weekend and I actually had to work. Man, I hate having to work at work...

10:02 AM

Thanks to Frank I leaned that Kevin's Undisclosed Middle Eastern Country(TM) Location had a fire which destroyed three tents. He is asking for donations to help the Marines and soldiers replace their stuff.
I am a great believer in stuff, particularly books, and so I donated.
If you can, please help them out. Thanks!

12:36 AM

I found an interesting blog over at Truth Laid Bare. It's Tiger: Raggin' & Rantin' . I particularly enjoyed his May 21st entry.

12:10 AM

Monday, May 26, 2003  
Pre-coffee blogging is sort of like stream-of-consciousness writing, only without the consciousness. Stream-of-semi-comatose is probably a better description.
Retail bites. It really does. Why is it I keep going to work for places that are open on holidays? Is it some sub-conscious (or even sub-comatose) attempt to avoid family get-togethers? I love my family very much. I love family cook-outs. I love birthday parties and confirmation parties and piano recitals. But my most recent two jobs have both been for companies that are open 365 days a year, businesses that are at their busiest on the weekend and holidays.
The weekend, and holidays, are when the rest of my Monday-through-Friday-Nine-to-Five family members can congregate. No one ever has a bar-b-que at two o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon, when I could attend. It is SO not fair!
Ok, I'm done kvetching. For now.
Since today is Memorial Day, I am reminded of my beloved Aunt Letty, who always called it "Decoration Day." Aunt Letty did not die in the service of our country, but serve it she did. During World War II she volunteered as a nurse's aid and helped make bandages. After the war she went to college (the first member of my family ever to do so) and became a teacher. She taught 1st grade in the ghetto (is there a PC word for that these days?) for most of her 25 year career. When I was little and for long-forgotten reasons had no school but she did, she used to take me with her. It was my first exposure to poverty. My first exposure to "coloreds". My first exposure to being a minority.
Aunt Letty taught the children to read. Sometimes I helped, sitting in the circle with them as they sounded out the words in the primers. At home, Aunt Letty would lament her lack of time with the children of the migrant workers, hoping the next school they landed in would continue to build on what she was teaching them.
One story Aunt Letty told me sticks with me. One of her students came to class very angry. He told Aunt Letty that when he grew up, he was going to kill every white person he saw. She said, "But Javon, I'm white. Do you want to kill me?" She said that he looked at her, shocked. He hadn't realized that she was white.
Many years later, after Aunt Letty had retired and I was grown, we would "do lunch" or go shopping together, and occasionally a young black man or woman would approach us and greet her in delight. She ALWAYS recognized them and remembered their names (amazing to me since she must have taught thousands of children), and asked after the brothers and sisters that she also taught.
Aunt Letty taught me that people are individuals. That skin color is just an attribute like height or weight or hair color. That is why I was completely flabbergasted at something that happened at the theater last night.
The newspaper had a misprint regarding our showtimes. A family of four arrived an hour early for the movie they wanted to see. Rather than drive home and come back, they bought their tickets and decided to wait in the lobby. After about half an hour, the mother sought me out to ask if we had given her husband any kind of receipt when he bought the tickets, because he couldn't find the stubs, and they wanted to walk over to a nearby store but be able to get back in. I assured her that we knew they had purchased tickets and would let them in again. "Are you sure?" she asked. "We all look alike to you."
I was shocked speechless. I finally managed to assure her that her family was eminently memorable, and they would have no problem getting back in, even without a ticket. But that bothered me the rest of the night. It's still bothering me. I wasn't even wearing my "Proud Member of the VRWC" armband......:).
I guess my point is, society seems to be becoming less colorblind rather than more. Aunt Letty's students had no idea she was "white". Forty years later, the fact that I am "white" convinces an black woman that her family looks just like every black family I see. I would blame Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton, but I can't tell which is which....

11:57 AM

Sunday, May 25, 2003  
Oh dear...Admin says that the Soviet Union was a capitalist system. He also said Communism and democracy are about the same, and quite compatible in theory, with the exception that one is an economic system and one is a political system. I don't have time for this, this morning, since it's my noon-to-midnight day. Maybe he was just trying to push my buttons?
He also said If my taxes were to go up to 50% or 60% I wouldn't care, as long as I had what I need.
Wow! he must make an awful lot of money! And he works for the government.....sounds like the government is over-paying its employees to me.
I figure that by the time I get done paying my bills I have about 25% left per month as it is. Mmmmm, Admin, you could just send the government a check for that 25% every month, since they are under-taxing you. Just a suggestion.

10:01 AM

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