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Saturday, May 24, 2003  
My brain is overloaded this a.m. So much to rant about, so little time. Why is it that the Lefties think that Socialism=Compassion and Capitalism=Heartlessness? Are they really that deluded? Or is it just a great sound bite? It's so much work debating them without aid of a "Cluebat," I can see why some folks get frustrated.

"LBJ's Great Society has been an abysmal failure, and has only succeeded in perpetuating and encouraging the very problems he sought to fix. The idea that welfare (socialism) will work if we give it enough money is delusion personified. There is not enough money in the world to make the welfare system work." Who said that? I did, over at Any Which Way.

Now, ideally, what I need is the statistics to back this up. They are out there in the www. But I really don't have the time or the energy to research this just to to hear "thank you for your opinion" again; and they probably wouldn't make "Admin" think anyway. My brother P.K. points out that the fact that Admin is a government employee may have something to do with his bias toward welfare. P.K. may be right. I work in the "private sector" myself, and don't think socialism is a good idea at all.
P.K. works in the "public sector," and he's a capitalist, but perhaps he's in a minority....I'll have to ask him.

11:46 AM

Friday, May 23, 2003  
Since the comments aren't working, Peter had to email his comment to me!

He said: "So it was Bush on the grassy knoll, not someone hiding behing a bush.
Now it all becomes clear. Someone tell Oliver Stone."

LOL. thanks Pete!

1:20 PM

I guess I need to apologize for my "comments" system---I've been trying to reply to a comment and it just won't take! But, remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for" and since it was free.....
Anyway, LOL MUMIA!!!!!!!! You really crack me up. The comment you left here is not as ROFLMAO as some that you have left at the Emperor's, but even so, I feel honored to be trolled by such an expert in the art as yourself.

8:37 AM

Thursday, May 22, 2003  
Okay, Pete, I'll tell you about yesterday in a minute...first I have to tell you all what I have been doing today. I finished my paper!!!!! Hurray!!!!!! Then as a reward, I wandered through the blogosphere. A link at the Emperor's sent me to a blog called Any Which Way; this blog had listed the Emperor as one of the "scary" conservative blogs it was attempting to combat. Well, I started to read the drivel there, and I just had to troll them. However, being a good conservative, I am not very good at trolling. No name calling, no babbled invective...sigh.....
Anyway, here is the link to his post with my comment (scroll down through his "statistics") and "Admin's" response (not very nice to me, telling me to leave the country, but I have lived through the Carter administration so I can take it) and my response to his response. I will be checking back to see if he responds to my response to his response.....

Now, Pete: yesterday was VERY exciting......100 third graders for a class trip to see Piglet's Big Movie. 100 small popcorns and 100 small pops. Lots of sweeping and vacuuming afterward. Luckily I didn't have to mop. The Pepsi man delivered our fountain syrup. The supply company delivered our paper products and raw popcorn and candy order. All invoices had to be checked and the stuff entered into inventory and then carted off to various storerooms. A crisis in the ladies' restroom...a leak in the u-bend necessitated mopping and a bucket under the drip til a plumber can be summoned (during his regular business hours, not ours). By the time the last shows of the day rolled around,I was so tired that I started the wrong movie at 9 pm. Once I realized it, it was too late, because there is NO rewind button on a movie projector..... So the 9pm show started at 9:05, but the 9:15 show started at 9--and wouldn't you know it, about twenty people showed up around 9:10. Figures. Nobody complained or demanded their money back, but I felt badly nonetheless....

7:11 PM

Don't you just hate it when you wake up five hours before you have to get up and can't get back to sleep? Just cuz I had to get up early yesterday, my body thinks it had to do it again today. sheesh.
Speaking of Frank, I love this line from his "press conference" yesterday, where the terrorist says:
We hate Jews, America, and all American officials - except for a few of the Democrats - for reasons of varying levels of coherency...
Plus Buck the Marine was there! Buck entered the room. "There was a bunch of evil foreigners outside," he explained to Rumsfeld, "So I killed them good and then shouted, 'Ooh-rah.'"
P.K., if you read this, follow the link to the press conference immediately! You deserve a laugh today.

7:36 AM

Wednesday, May 21, 2003  
We have a special showing this morning for a school field trip, so I will be heading into the theater soon and probably won't get home til 11 tonight, so this is probably it for today's posts. Oh--my paper is half done! Hurray! Now go read Frank.......

8:05 AM

Tuesday, May 20, 2003  
Oh--this is the best statement of what American foreign policy should be that I ever read. I'm voting for Frank for President (as soon as he's old enough).

11:32 AM

I should be writing a paper due Monday and participating in discussions at my touchie-feelie class, but a post over at the Emperor's and its comment thread has gotten me all riled up (again) about the taxes on cigarettes. First link to a map of state taxes on cigarettes. No date on it though, so I'm not sure how current it is.


Because it has the potential to influence production and demand, taxation is a powerful, albeit indirect, form of regulation. No other consumer product is as heavily taxed as tobacco. In fiscal year 1999, tobacco products generated nearly $14 billion in federal, state and local excise taxes – a figure representing $50 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Cigarette taxes were levied in FY 1999 by 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with 450 cities, towns and counties across the nation. Federal and state excise taxes accounted for 22.1 percent of the retail price of cigarettes in FY 1999 – not including the payments required by the Master Settlement Agreement.
(from here). Those figures are 4 years old, though, and lots of taxes have increased since then.

Here is another good one. And if you click on the colorful icon you will see that the government gets 51% of the revenue from every pack of cigarettes sold in Illinois.

It really gets my goat that we are taxed sales tax on excise tax. They also do it on gasoline and liquor.

There is something out of kilter when the government taxes taxes. I once asked my dad if there was a name for that. He said it was called "sodomy".

11:08 AM

Monday, May 19, 2003  
One of the reasons I love my little brother is he makes me laugh. I dragged myself home from a hard day at the theater to discover this email from him:


I just returned from my Microeconomics class.

On the first day, I learned many amazing things that I had no idea would be
of economic interest. Three of my new enlightenments include:

1) Walmart is a hugely successful company because they don't give paychecks
to their employees and they also screw all their customers. Hmmm...what a
great business plan.

2) General Motors builds the majority of US weapons (in an accusatory,
suspicious tone).
As opposed to ... Tyco ... I suppose...

3) O. J. Simpson was, in fact, innocent of that double murder thing, because
Mark Furman did it. You see, Furman used to be in the military, and only a
person with military training could have possibly used a knife in a deadly
way. I suppose if the murders were committed with a football, a cereal box,
or a golf club, my professor might weigh the possibility it was O. J.

I might have had to drop the class if my professor was slightly less insane.
But, his harangue is just wacky enough to be marginally entertaining, while
his soapbox oration is only slightly more phantasmagorical than a Stephen
King book. This could be fun.

He made me laugh and the day's woes dropped away.
Thanks, P.K.

11:32 PM

Frank had me laughing out loud again. The only way the new In My World would have been funnier is if Buck the Marine had been in it......

12:12 PM

I am on my second pot of coffee. Only because the first batch somehow seemed to miss the beans and I ended up with a pot of pale tan water. And in my stuperous pre-coffee state, I couldn't figure out an efficient way to get the tan water back through the grounds without making a big mess, so I poured out the tan water, pitched the grounds and started over.
As I have frequently lamented, having to make coffee before you've had any coffee is a herculean chore requiring intense concentration and a strong reliance on that physical-memory thing (coffee hasn't reached all parts of the brain yet). So if something interferes with that routine process, creative solutions are impossible. All you can do is start over from the memorized part and hope it works this time.

11:41 AM

Attention, Readers: Please read Bill Whittle's Magic immediately. (There will be a quiz later).

11:15 AM

Sunday, May 18, 2003  
Almost forgot to link to Frank!

10:59 AM

The responsibility of having two readers is being to wear on me.....after all, I'm not writing just for myself anymore. There are at least half a dozen topics I could rant or ramble on about, but I forget what they are....cohesive ideas just keep skittering back behind my brain cells mere seconds after popping into my conscious thought. Wow! that was a great idea...what was it again?
OH my goodness!!!! Listen to me blame my readers for my own shortcomings!!!! Is liberalism contagious????
That reminds me: my text book for the touchie feelie class was talking about the rapid changes in technology and their effect on managers. One sentence had a profound effect on me:
"Hence, we face a real danger of perpetuating technological apartheid both in the United States and through the world." {Whetten, D. & Cameron, K. Developing Management Skills, 5th ed. (2002). p.75.}
O.M.G. "Technological apartheid"!!!!!!!!!!! Because a lot of people in the world don't have computers!!!!!!
This is an outrage! Dell must immediately ship 100,000 units to the Congo!!!
Oh, wait. the text points out that po' folks in the U.S. don't have 'puters neither: ".....and even a majority of the U.S. population cannot afford a computer." (loc. cit.).
A majority. Wow.
See, I had absolutely no way of knowing an interesting "fact" like that because everyone in my immediate family between the ages of 18 and 50 has their own computer. Granted, the three households in the higher end of the economic spectrum have 2 or more computers each, but even those of us in the lower end (my "rich" pre-school teacher sister, my physically-disabled, part-time employed and receiving-medicaid sister, and myself) all have computers. We also all have internet access!!!! Our local library provides a free isp to anyone who cannot afford ten bucks a month for ad-drenched dial-up service.
Now I must admit that perhaps not everyone is so fortunate as to have a wonderful, caring baby brother who is a computer geek in his spare time and for twenty bucks can pick up discarded computer carcasses at auction and whiz-bang turn them into operating, albeit slightly outdated, machines.
This computer I am using started life as a 486. For a few bucks here and there for memory and ports and other mystical computer thingees, I have a pretty good computer. (Now that I think of it, the only original remaining part from the 486 is probably the 2x CD drive, which is slated for replacement as soon as I can save enough).
But even if I am more fortunate in my siblings than many people, my personal opinion is that most people who don't have a computer (in the U.S. at least) either don't want one or have a lot of bigger problems than "technological apartheid".

10:48 AM

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