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Saturday, May 10, 2003  
I saw a city vehicle with the sign VOLUNTEER ENFORCEMENT SPECIALIST. This phrase puzzles me. Is this person a volunteer specializing in enforcement? or a specialist who enforces volunteering? and isn't it an oxymoron either way?
Anyway, here is a link to Frank.

11:52 PM

I must link to Frank. Must raise Frank's rating in the Blogoshere Ecosystem. Must link to Frank's discussion with GWB. Must link to Frank's essay on violence.
Hope that helps, Frank!

11:02 AM

Friday, May 09, 2003  
Coffee... I need coffee.....

Ahh....better now.

Once again it is pay day, and once again 25% of my salary has been syphoned off before I even get it. Only 10% of that is federal income tax; the rest is (thank you FDR and LBJ and all the other great liberals of history--you know who you are) Social Security, Medicare, State and county income tax.

And now that I have a check for 75% of what I worked for, it will be used to pay sales tax, excise tax, sin tax, and, in the form of higher prices, corporate and inventory and unemployment taxes.

Yet there are people (mostly Democrats) who think that I do not deserve a tax cut (remember my post of 5/6--I am one of the rich, because my sister, who makes less than I do, is rich according to the anti-cut crowd). I really think that all candidates for public office should be required to study basic economics and pass a quiz on it before being allowed to run.
Except that might not help since Democrats seem to
a) want the economy to go bad so they will be elected and
b) think that they have the right to decide what to do with MY money.
Well, I want my money to go for a pay raise for our armed forces, not members of Congress.
I also would like my money to go to charities I used to be able to afford to support, insteads of another pork barrel project named after Robert Byrd.
Since Congress is not behaving responsibly with MY money, is it any wonder I want them to have less of it?

11:51 AM

Thursday, May 08, 2003  
Just wrote a long letter to my best friend from college and told her everything that was interesting going on in my life.......which means I am now bored with the subject and have nothing to post. Better check out what Frank J is up to.

8:38 PM

Tuesday, May 06, 2003  
There are a lot of "which character are you?" kind of quizzes out there in the web, but the Dante's Inferno quiz was great. I'm going to Purgatory, nahner, nahner nahner....

11:59 AM

Wait...if I'm rich, how come I don't have a laptop?

2:19 AM

Hmmm....just read that 57% percent of Americans think the President's proposal to cut taxes favors the rich. Why would they think that? It couldn't be because that's what the news keeps telling us....
Come to think of it, when has a proposed tax cut ever NOT been stigmatized as "favoring the rich"???? Certainly any tax cut ever proposed by Reagan or Bush was denounced from the Democratic rooftops, and the Liberal viewpoint was broadcast as fact by the networks.
Except, consider this: One of my sisters is a pre-school teacher. She earns less than $13,000 a year. She owns a few shares of stock she inherited from one of our aunts. She is therefore one of the "rich" who would benefit from the elimination of the capital gains tax should she ever need to sell her shares.
I make more than she does, so I must be "rich" too.
I feel so much better now, knowing I am rich.

2:17 AM

Sunday, May 04, 2003  
Today is my noon-to-midnight day at work, so I have less time than usual to be witty and entertaining. Not that it matters, since I haven't gotten any mail, fan- or hate-, indicating that anyone reads this other than moi. I just wish I could blog from the theater....I think of lots of cool stuff while waiting around to thread the next show. Things like...
I really gotta do a load of laundry when I get home
I wonder if there's a can of tuna left?
I need to find a calender so I can write down my class assignments and make sure there's nothing huge due the week Steve will be on vacation. If there is, I need to get a head start.
I wonder when the last day to withdraw is?
I wonder if I will lose my loans if I withdraw?
I wonder if I should withdraw from BOTH classes and say to hell with it?
I have to remember to call that supply place about the soap thingee.
I have to remember to call that other place about the dented oil.

You see how exciting it is? How having web access at the theater would make my blogging so much more compelling? Please email me and I will let you know where to send me money.

11:08 AM

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